One of our clients requested a method to export more data from the Google Analytics pivot tables. The purpose of the export was to tie together Google Analytics with specific URL variables; however, Google Analytics displays a limited number of items on the pivot table. We did some research and we came across this Google Analytics Hack.

What You Will Need:

– Firefox
– Live HTTP header (

What are we hacking?

We’ll make possible for the analyst in you to download more than 5 columns from Google Analytics’ Pivot Table reports.

Below are the steps to the hack:

  1. Go to any report that has the pivot table option and segment the data the way you want to analyze it (for testing purposes you can use the example above: go on Traffic Sources report à then Referring Sites and then pivot by Landing Page and choose Showing Visits)
  2. Start Live HTTP header (in Firefox, under Tools) – do not load any other pages between step 2 and 3
  3. Make sure you checked the Capture box on live HTTP header
  4. Go back to your Google Analytics window and select a new number of page rows on, under Show rows (the footer of the pivot table). At this moment, the table should reload.
  5. Open the Live HTTP header window
  6. The first line there should be the request sent to Google Analytics in order to reload the pivot table. You should see something similar to Live HTTP Header
  7. Copy the link (should be the first if you didn’t load any other page or made other HTTP request – music or video streams) and load it in another tab. You should have something similar to: Pure html table
  8. Now look for the &tcols=5 parameter. Change it to &tcols=50 and load the new URL

Here’s a bonus hack for Google Analytics

The URL that exports Google Analytics reports in CSV for Excel (&fmt=5) is:

and some parameters after.

You will have to copy everything starting and including &id=…. from the URL you previously modified (the one with &tcols=50) and append it to Google’s export URL.

The export URL will look like:

We have used this several times to export additional pivot table information. A word of caution when using a hack, do it at your own risk. We highly recommend that you use this on a duplicate profile and on a secure network.

Source: You Should Test That!

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