What should you look for in a web design company?

What should you look for in a Website Design Company? Number one is the ability to come out with a strategy and a strategy based upon your goals, your aspiration, your dreams, and your wants in terms of what you're trying to achieve as a business and aligning that with customer needs and wants. The second piece of this is the ability to execute on those, whether it be directly or indirectly through partners, vendors, what have you, to be able to deliver what needs to be done in order for you to see success? And lastly, is the ability to make recommendations to avoid pitfalls that they've seen from other relationships, and with that puts you on a path for success to achieve goals and dreams.

What is a web design strategy? 

What is a web design strategy? To us and to you, a web design strategy is essentially a plan, a game plan for what you're going to do on your website that aligns with your customer's needs and wants and delivers the information that they want on a level in a way that your customers can consume it. Why do we need to do that? So we can help deliver the results of customers, ideally improving conversion rates, helping you get in front of people that really matter, and helping you grow your business.

Why is a web design strategy important to your business?

Why is a web design strategy important to your business? Number one, we want to talk about aligning resources, direction for your business and the website, and growing the website as your business needs and wants grow and as the customers change and adapt to what's on your site as well. So it's about the customer and it's about direction. It's about allocating resources, aligning those resources, and at the end of the day, pinpointing opportunities for continuous improvement to increase your bottom line.

What are common issues when building a website and why does it matter?

What are common issues we see as a digital marketing agency when we build websites and why do they matter? Number one, no web design strategy, no focus, no direction for you, for us in order to help you achieve those goals. We need that information, it's imperative to success that we have some direction and understand where you're going. The second piece of this is the use of old content, content that doesn't align the personas and address the customer's needs and wants. We need that information and you need that information in order for us to align to your target audience and make sure that we're connecting with people that matter to boost your bottom line.

What does a new website cost?

What does a web design cost? That depends, and it depends on exactly what you're looking for and what the span and scope of that relationship is. For us, you have about two options. You have what you often see is a project, which is generally an eight to twelve-week turnaround time, but you also have a retainer-based model for continuous improvement as we mentioned before. At the end of the day, the goals and objectives are essential to help you build your business, attract more people, and get in front of the people that you want and deliver what customers are looking for on your site.

So if you have any more questions, give us a ring. We're happy to consult and put you on a path.


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