Online marketing shouldn’t be about guessing, but too often that’s what we have to do when trying to predict what our customers really want and how to make them buy.

Certainly we can sometimes make educated guesses by looking at separate data from all of our different marketing channels, but there’s still some A/B testing and finger-crossing involved that we are using the correct data and have enough of it to make proper decisions.

By incorporating the AdRoll growth marketing platform in your customer outreach efforts, you’ll be able to learn more reliable ways to combine all your analytics into one cross-channel stream and also gain access to all sorts of relevant customer information.

For example, AdRoll provides information on audiences. You can connect your Marketo or HubSpot CRM and target prospects based on their actions. You can also segment audiences based on your site pageviews.

AdRoll Audiences

Why use AdRoll?

Using the latest AI tools, AdRoll can blend your first-person data with robust second-party and third-party data to present you with accurate info about your ideal audiences. Clients can access AdRoll’s IntentMap that offers in-depth looks at more than 1.2 billion shopper profiles, including their past purchases, marketing preferences and demographic info. You have the option to run Ad Campaigns or Email Campaign on the platform. The Ad Campaigns can include social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Their display network includes sites such as Yahoo!, CNN, People, and a lot more. 

Having all of this data within easy reach can reduce your research time and guesswork and make it easier to target and engage current and future customers.

AdRoll has been designed to easily integrate with common e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magneto and WooCommerce, along with a variety of other add-ons. It also includes a social media and email presence to provide more “touches” for your customers and get them even more excited about what you have to offer.

Within AdRoll, you can see the overall impact that AdRoll is having on you business. The Attribution section can give you insight into which channels are generating the most revenue and influencing the time to a sale. 

AdRoll Attribution

Part of the strength of AdRoll is being able to track every point of a customer’s journey through an ad campaign from awareness to purchase, plus any follow-up. It also includes the ability to optimize certain areas of this journey, including creating different types of customized messages designed to reduce cart abandonment.

Essentially, you’ll learn new solutions to attract business and convert visitors into customers. By creating a positive experience, shoppers will be more likely to remain loyal and return for future transactions.

How DaBrian Marketing can help with AdRoll?

DaBrian Marketing recently has received AdRoll certification, so we’re happy to share our training knowledge on this new platform with new and existing clients to help them better identify their customers, grow their sales and build awareness of their brands.

Though businesses can certainly try to learn this software on their own, it makes more sense to partner with an agency with AdRoll certification to help your business see success.

We’re happy to offer personalized strategies to help you create the perfect campaigns, including useful ways of tracking leads, sales, traffic and overall ROI. This includes looking forward in the short-term and the long-term.

Partnering with an agency with demonstrated knowledge of this platform can mean you have access to an impressive amount of tools, which can cut down on your costs and efforts and also improve your overall effectiveness.    

AdRoll Campaigns

Let us know how we can help you get started!


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