Recent decades have seen digital transformation take the top spot in the tech talk conversation. Those who have accepted the challenge have made great strides in improving the customer journey, shoring up security, and successfully putting data analysis to work in their companies. B2B and B2C companies have harnessed digital and social media, e-commerce, product development, and order fulfillment in order to grow their brands. Those who haven't dived into digital transformation are falling behind. It's time to put your business on the right side of this divide.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of restructuring, then transitioning to, digital systems that create new processes, business culture, and customer experiences for efficiency, scalability, and affordability. This could include upgrading telecommunications, migrating to the cloud, and adopting machine learning. It should also include customer engagement.

The most important thing to know is that all of this has been brought to the forefront by the demands of the modern customer. They are in charge, so finding out who these digital customers are is an important step.

Why is Digital Transformation Important for Your Business?

Digital transformation enables your business to build more robust network infrastructures, leverage new opportunities for data visualization, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enjoy higher ROI. Companies quickly discover customer intent and improve customer experience, all with the data collected, then housed in a single, accessible location.

digital transformation in 2022 for B2B Companies

Create Efficiency, Scalability, Results, and Revenue Growth

It’s all about the customer experience. The most common areas to focus on are: 
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service


If you’re still using an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time to transition to a CRM to better manage Sales. Customer Relationship Management is vital in digital transformation. Your CRM must have the tools and data required to keep up with digital trends.

The CRM provides insight into marketing campaign performance, customer interactions, sales transactions, etc. You can even automate sales outreach with sequences, account-based marketing,  or sale automation.


Digital transformation in marketing is about optimizing digital channels by using the insights gained from them, enabling you to form an approach to improving the customer journey. Everything from your Ideal Customer Profile to automated workflows can improve the results and revenue generated by your marketing.

By integrating your CRM with your marketing, you can improve your efficiency and scalability by leveraging technology to handle manual processes. There are marketing automation tools that can help you to do more while connecting to your customer data, sales, and marketing channels such as social media and email.

Customer Service

Customer experience is a priority in digital transformation. It could lead to revenue growth and cost reduction. When making changes, customer needs must be considered at every step of the customer journey.

Use analytics and feedback from customers to offer exceptional digital customer service. Commit to being customer-centric. It takes the entire company to create this experience. Using a chat and knowledge base platform is a great way to help your customers.

Recommended Actions That Will Drive Digital Transformation Within Your Organization

  • Start with upgrading your branding. Define your purpose, revaluate your logo, and set brand guidelines that will differentiate you and show value.
  • Leverage chat, your company knowledge base, and support tickets to enhance the customer experience.
  • Employ CRM functionality, sales automation, call tracking, and email templates to build your sales pipeline.
  • Automate marketing to streamline and speed revenue growth.
  • Turn your website into a branding, customer service, sales, and marketing tool.

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