Google's SGE: A Game-Changer for Business

According to Brightlocal, 97% of consumers search online to find a local business. 78% of mobile local searches resulted in offline purchases based on ComScore data. Google SGE is in a position to throw gasoline on these fires!   

Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) is a new approach to search results. SGE is an experimental search experience that uses generative artificial intelligence (AI). SGE provides users with quick and clear overviews of search topics without clicking on a web page. 

SGE could be a game changer for business owners and marketers. It will provide customers with even more useful information in the customer journey. It will continue to disrupt SEO, your rankings in the search engines, and ultimately your sales revenue. It’s also a way to create a competitive advantage with a game plan to serve potential customers. 

What You Need to Know about Generative AI in Search?

Google Search Generative Experience is an entry point to use generative AI in the search results. You and your customer will see the traditional search results. The results will now be organized to help get more meaningful results from a search. 

SGE leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to interpret user queries and generate dynamic search results in real time. The traditional search algorithms rely on predefined rules and ranking factors like keyword relevance, content quality, etc. I think the Search Generative Experience will provide flexibility and adaptability to complex search queries while delivering more personalized results. 

This is not the first time  Google has used machine learning.  Machine learning (ML) is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science that uses data and algorithms to enable AI to imitate how humans learn and gradually improve its accuracy. Google has been using AI to improve search results for over two decades to shape traditional search results and now SGE.  

Why Google SGE Matters?

Businesses want to be visible in the search engine results that help customers make decisions.  In a nutshell, the intent of SGE is provided must be relevant and user-friendly.  In my opinion, SGE will directly impact the way businesses:

  • Build websites
  • Develop content in all formats 
  • Answer complex questions with supporting information
  • Suggest next steps for customer search queries 

These are all opportunities for your business to increase brand visibility, credibility, and trust. You can create a competitive advantage in the Google search engine results

How will Google SGE Impact Your Marketing Strategies? 

Whether you have an in-house marketing team or an advertising agency, your business will need to adapt your marketing strategies to align with SGE as it evolves.  You’ll need to monitor organic search traffic and organic ranks to see the impact on your marketing. 

SGE will impact the types of content that you create to help your potential customers.  As always, the content should align with the personas and buyer intent. You must consider the keywords, intent, and questions related to your products or services. 

Google Ads are AI powered now.  Google is also promoting Gemini (formerly Bard) with Google Workspace.   I assume that Google SGE will affect paid advertising campaigns too.  Just think about all of the data Google is collecting to inform their generative artificial intelligence across platforms! 

The importance of quality content, user experience, and user intent just got amplified! It will allow your business to personalize the marketing approach.  I would recommend that you revisit and revise your strategy to take advantage of AI generative search.  

Example of SGE

Measuring Marketing ROI with Google SGE

How is your company measuring marketing ROI?  The average business drives 53% of traffic through organic search. SEO has an average ROI ratio of 22:1, equating to 2,200%! Don’t forget that 78% of mobile local searches resulted in offline purchases.  

The metrics for measuring ROI haven’t changed.  I guess that you’ll see a direct impact on your overall impressions and click-through rates.  

Don’t get caught in the weeds, try to analyze everything.  I recommend measuring the overall ROI on SEO investment, overall marketing ROI, and cost per lead or acquisition.  This will give you insight into the direct impact of SEO while getting a gauge on the overall impact on the business. 

Actions to Power Your Organic Search Performance 

  1. Create an SEO Plan based on SGE
  2. Calculate Your SEO Investment
  3. Track and Analyze Your Conversions
  4. Calculate Your Return on Investment


Google's Search Generative Experience (SGE) represents a significant evolution in how search results are generated and presented. SGE uses advanced AI algorithms to interpret user queries and generate real-time, personalized search results. 

This shift towards a more intelligent search process enhances the user experience and holds real implications for business owners and marketers. It necessitates a strategic adaptation in website construction, content development across all formats, and marketing strategies to ensure alignment with the evolving search landscape. 

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