In the digital-first world that is 2022, businesses and business owners should realize the importance of being found online. Learning how to get your business registered on Google will be a vital step in gaining more visibility of your brand, and thus allowing customers to find your business more easily, or at all. Google remains the number one search engine today, which is why we focused on the important steps of how to present your business on Google so you can acquire more business.

What is Google My Business?

According to Google Support, Your Google Business Profile is an easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, which includes Google Search and Google Maps.

how to get my business on google

Example of your business profile on Google Search.

what is google my business

Example of what your business profile looks like on Google Maps on a Desktop. 

Verifying your business on Google, as well as providing internet users accurate information about your business, will help customers find you. Creating a Google Business Profile also gives you an opportunity to share your brand story with others.

Why is it Important?

As stated by Forbes, having a Google Business Profile is no longer optional. It is an essential part of any business’s online presence and is often the first place customers will go to look for updated, relevant information about your company. 

You’ll be able to manage your information when things change, interact with customers in the form of responding to reviews, add photos, and post updates. You’ll also be able to understand through insights (located in your Google Business Profile menu) how customers are interacting with your profile, all with a Google Business presence.

How to Add Your Business to Google

So, how do you start? The first step is to create a business account through Google. What was formerly known as a Google My Business account, is now referred to as a Google Business Profile Manager account. Creating an account to manage your business involves using an existing Gmail address, or creating a new one.

Steps for adding your business to Google:

1. Go to and click ‘Manage Now’. 

how to create a google business profile


2. Insert an existing Gmail account and password. Or, click ‘Create Account’ to create a new one to manage your business.

how to create a business account on google

3. Type in your business name or address.

Screenshot 2022-02-16 151021

If you already have an existing Business Profile, then you’ll want to search for your business, claim the business, and proceed to verify your business on Google.

4. Click 'Add your business to Google.'

Do this if you don’t already have an existing Business Profile on Google.

By following the prompts, you’ll respectively insert your business name, business category, and address to begin to build out your Google Business Profile. This is the primary information that will be required for your business to begin to register on Google Maps and Google Search.

Further customizing your profile will involve information such as a business description, service areas, business hours, service/product information, website, and more. 

You can always build out your business profile in further detail after verification is complete.

Verifying Your Business with Google

After adding and claiming your business profile, you’ll want to follow steps to verify your business. This is the last, and arguably most important, step to a legitimate Google Business presence.

how to verify your business on google

In the past, and currently speaking, most local businesses verify by mail. This involves requesting a code in which Google mails to your business’s physical address, prompting you to enter the code on your profile once received.

unnamed (2)

There are many other options to verify your business through Google. 

Other options are provided for service-area and hybrid types of businesses, such as a business whose customers don’t necessarily visit the “storefront.”

Be sure to check out all the options and pick one that seems the easiest for you and your business type.

How to Grant Access to Your Google Business Profile

There are a few reasons for needing to grant access to someone else so they can manage, customize, improve, and monitor your Google Business Profile.  If you're working with a digital marketing agency or someone else has created your profile and needs to transfer ownership, you’ll need to know how to give someone the proper permissions. 

1. First, sign in to Business Profile Manager.

2. On the left of your screen in the menu, click on ‘Users.'

how to add users to your google my business

3. At the top right of the box, click ‘Invite Users.'

4. Then, enter the name or email address of the person you want to add. 

5. Select the user's role by clicking ‘Choose Role’ and then choosing between owner or manager.

6. Click ‘Invite.'

The invitee will receive the invite in their email and will have the option to accept the invitation. Once that happens, they will immediately become a user with access to your Business Profile. For more questions and information on adding users, please visit Google Business Profile Help.

Why Invest in a Google My Business Management Service?

If you’re looking for a company to help create, manage, customize, and improve your Google Business Profile, then partnering with a digital marketing agency may be the right solution for you and your business’s success online. To learn more about how to navigate Google and for best practices on how to succeed online, please visit our blog. If you’re looking to discuss other digital marketing techniques to build your online presence and gain more leads, click on the link below to book a free consultation with a digital marketing expert.

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