GR8-1 Apparel is an up-and-coming authentic clothing brand tailored toward celebrating youth that make a difference in their communities by being ‘Great Ones.’ The DaBrian Marketing Group got behind this brand, developing an Inbound Success Plan for the company as their foundation for traffic, leads, and revenue generation. In doing so, GR8-1 launched with a comprehensive blueprint for digital marketing success.

Confidence Due to Inbound Success Plan

The Inbound Success Plan is an extensive marketing framework that guides a company’s digital efforts. GR8-1 Apparel was given the tools to market to their target audiences and develop strategic content that attracts, delights, and engages customers. The team at DaBrian also established ways in which GR8-1 can leverage their influencer partners on social media to expand their marketing reach and build vibrant digital communities.

inbound success plan review

With the strategic foundation that is an Inbound Success Plan, DaBrian not only establishes a strategy, but articulates how firms can execute on elements of the marketing plan. The Inbound Plan includes a thorough assessment of the resources at the disposal of the company, helping to ensure that goals can be achieved internally and/or externally. By defining S.M.A.R.T. Goals and measurement metrics, GR8-1 can easily monitor progress as well as optimize their time and digital ad spend. 

Getting to Know GR8-1

GR8-1 Apparel was started to highlight people who make a difference in other people’s lives and in their community...from artists who run inner-city after school art programs, to musicians who have used their fame to start foundations that award musical scholarships! The GR8-1 brand is inclusive of everyone and shines a light on today’s youth who aspire to be great in everyday moments. 

GR8-1 has an assortment of shirts, hoodies, and hats to choose from that embody being a ‘Great One’ in combination with their call to action to Live on Purpose. More product lines and accessories will be in the making after the initial launch. Not only does GR8-1 celebrate people that do good, gr8-1 apparel companybut they also partner with young talent and provide opportunities for collaboration. For example, art influencer and muralist, Austin Fowler, was their first ‘Great One’ and helped spread awareness for the digital brand with a collaborative product design.

The team at DaBrian was excited for the opportunity to collaborate with an aspirational, digital brand like GR8-1. Before we can start an Inbound Success Plan, DaBrian takes the time to get to know a company’s goals and dreams coupled with their needs or struggles, in addition to what makes them unique. We want to understand how we can best serve them to make their dreams and goals a reality. Once this is achieved, the digital marketing experts at DaBrian can begin with a successful Inbound Marketing Strategy.  

Could your business benefit from an Inbound Strategy created by Digital Marketing Experts?

Benefits to an Inbound Success Plan


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