A lead generation website is about succeeding online to efficiently connect with other businesses. It’s achieved by creating specific strategies on each platform (search engines, email, social media)  that culminate into your website being an effective sales tool.

According to Salesforce.com, the main difference between B2B and B2C is, “B2B ecommerce utilizes online platforms to sell products or services to other businesses. B2C ecommerce targets personal consumers.” As a business owner, you need to know what the minimum requirements are to have a competent website that generates relevant leads for your business.

1. Optimization

Your website should be optimized for search engines. The most popular search engine, Google, rewards websites with readable, relevant content. Your website should have content that’s helpful and valuable to your target audience and shows why it would fulfill a need or want of theirs. Your site content should be updated regularly and include different types of content such as videos, blogs, quality images, tips, bios, testimonials, etc. 

Google also rewards and provides recommendations to a fast-loading website with pages that load quickly for users. Site performance, in addition to being optimized for Google’s algorithms with the presence of SEO, will ensure your site to rank amongst your competitors. There are many free tools out there to test the performance of your site and whether your content is “optimized” for Google. There’s the PageSpeed Insights Test as well as DaBrian’s own SEO Site Audit Tool.

Keep in mind that technical performance as well as high quality content are both important to succeed on search engines like Google.

2. Conversion

Your website should make it clear and easy for your visitors to convert if they decide to. This involves having content that’s relevant to your buyer personas with bold call-to-actions for users to convert if they’re interested in learning more about your product or service. Conversions can be calls, messages, or form completions. It’s important to have multiple ways for your user to convert and ensure they’re working at all times.

Conversion Funnel (1)

User experience is a very important decision factor for site users. They need fast, performing clickable elements so they can understand your brand and its content. You’ll want to position your brand accordingly so that it's clear what your company does and what they’re about. Too often, B2B websites are susceptible to be confusing to users about what they do and what they’re offering. Make sure your message is clear so your visitors are able to and want to convert.

3. Security

Security is important when it comes to filtering spam and avoiding being hacked. The last thing you want is for your website to go down and not be accessible to your potential customers. It’s important to have a website expert of some sort to call in situations where things are broken or infiltrated. In addition, spam messages are very common, but can get entirely unmanageable without property protection in place. We recommend secure and reliable web hosting as well as choosing a reliable Domain Name System (DNS) such as GoDaddy.com.

4. Use Data to Improve

Your B2B Website should use data to improve your website strategy. This involves tracking clicks, conversions, and seeing which pages resonate most with your readers. You should also receive valuable insight from your sales team to see if the website is successful in being an effective sales tool. Utilize a free site audit tool to determine where your site could improve online to gain more conversions and organic leads from other businesses.

For more information on gaining leads and utilizing digital marketing to connect with more prospects, take a look at our latest offering or scheduling a meeting to talk about your next web design project!

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