How Social Media Advertising Will Transform Your Business &  Impact Your Clientele

A common misconception in the digital space today is that social media is easy. For the average person who posts the occasional selfie it may be easy, however, for  professional business owners, creating content and advertising through social media can be much more complicated. There are goals that need to be met, a budget that needs to be followed, and time that cannot be wasted. 

Anyone who advertises on social media is looking for a cost-effective way to separate themselves from the competition within the online world. This can prove to be difficult considering more than two billion, yes that's billion with a b, people use social media every single day. There are many advantages with the implementation of a well thought out and organized social media advertising plan. Here are five benefits that social media advertising can bring to your business. 

1.) Target Marketing at it’s Finest!

The tools that most social media sites offer allow you to pick the exact target audience your business is desiring to reach. There are various targeting parameters, different than just basic demographics, that allow your business to cater to niche audiences.

These parameters can be as specific as a certain hobby. For example, Facebook has a feature that helps you advertise to users who have previously visited your site. This brings back the thought of your business to the minds of those who were previously interested but may not have been convinced to make a purchase. 

Targeting to a specific audience with your advertisements is a powerful way to engage your desired customer. This is because they are seeing an advertisement that is relevant to them and can potentially solve their problem instead of bombarding their feed with useless information. 

2.) Detail Oriented  Insights

Paid social media advertising allows you to understand how your target audience interacted with your ads. It is also possible to find out which of your content advertisements were the most popular. 

Tools such as Instagram and Facebook Insights allow you to understand the demographics of those who are interacting with your ad and the amount of times they visited your site. You can also see which time of day your audience uses the platform the most and which days of the week are most popular.  

Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, will identify which of your advertisements are having the biggest impact on your audience. KPIs record the clicks, comments, likes, and profile visits made because of your advertisement. 

3.) Constant Mobile Access

Navigating the social media world means simultaneously navigating the mobile world. According to Pew Research Center, 80% of time spent on social media is spent on a mobile device. It has also been found that as of 2019, the average person spends about 153 minutes per day on their social networks. 

This means that your business has on average 153 minutes each day, per person, to advertise to your desired market. These advertising efforts will work for you even when your office is closed. 

Features such as Twitter Promote Mode, will advertise for you and can boost your business to the next level digitally. Twitter Promote Mode automatically promotes your business tweets for an entire month for a flat fee. This will help to expand your reach as well as increase traffic to your company profile and website. 

4.) Increased Conversion and Customer Retention Rates

The most successful companies in the world build a strong brand that their customers can connect to. With the right social media advertising tactics, your business can advertise in a way that connects your customers with your brand. In the end, when a user feels more connected to a brand, they’re more likely to come back; ultimately increasing your customer retention rates. 

Once your brand gets the right traffic to your site, your business needs to express why you’re the right choice. This is how your conversion rate will increase since your social media advertisements are bringing forth a higher percentage of consumers interested in the product or services you offer! Check out our Web Design Plans to ensure your business secures customers the second they visit your page. 

5.) More Exposure

Due to each market and industry becoming more and more competitive, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential for brands to stand out. Social media advertising can put your brand on the feeds of anyone who uses that platform. Especially on platforms like TikTok, where the algorithm is designed to put advertisements and content on the pages of those who are interested in those kinds of topics. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, social media advertising grants your business access to every kind  of market. 

In the end, there are multiple different types of tools your business can benefit from provided to you by social media. It just depends on your goals and your budget. Take the time to reflect on which aspects of your business could use some improving and how these platforms can transform your business. 

Don’t forget to schedule a consultation with one of our Digital Marketing Specialists to learn more about how you can set up your business for social media marketing success!

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