How is your website impacting your visitors? In an ever-changing world with ever-changing trends, how your website looks and responds has an impact on every visitor to your website. By implementing key design trends, your website’s mobile friendliness, usability, interactivity, and creativity can be increased dramatically. These trends will not only help your website in 2022 but will also set your business up for success in the future.

Storytelling and Interactive Web Design 

igor-tech-screenshotIgor Tech Website

One design trend that has been increasing in popularity in recent years is UX web design. UX web design draws consumers to websites and keeps their attention by providing them with interactivity. It also provides a good way to present information to the user that is visually appealing. By placing UX design into your website, users will be prompted to remain on your site and interact with your site for longer periods of time.

Thumb Friendly Mobile Navigation

api-mobile-screenshotAmerican Products Inc. Website

Thumb Friendly Mobile Navigation goes deeper than responsive design. Thumb friendly navigation means basing mobile designs on the way that people use their phones. This means placing navigational items and buttons in places where they are easy to reach with your thumb while holding your phone. By integrating thumb friendly navigation into your site, your site becomes easier for mobile users to navigate.

Dark Mode

unnamed-2DaBrian Marketing Website

Dark mode gives the user the option to view your website more easily in low-light situations while reducing eye-strain. Besides the practicality of dark mode, it also provides a modern look and feel to your website. By implementing a dark mode option to your website, you can add practicality and visual appeal to your website.

3D Elements

plink-screenshotPlink Website

The increase in web technology over the last several years has led to an increase in 3D elements in web pages. 3D elements provide an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your website that also helps to keep the user interested in your website content. By implementing 3D elements into your website, your website will stand out from other websites and help to keep the user’s attention.

Asymmetric Layouts

golden-green-screenshotGolden Green Website

Asymmetric layouts open up new creative solutions to website design. Rather than being based on a grid layout as most traditional website design, asymmetrical layouts offer a wider range of creativity. Even though asymmetrical layouts deviate from the common grid structure, it is still imperative that the designs remain balanced. If you are looking for a creative solution to your website, an asymmetrical layout may be the answer.

Mixing Photography with Graphics

tmfp-screenshotTaylor Made Website

Mixing graphics with photographs can add an extra pop to your website. This trend adds creativity and personality while engaging your visitors. By using graphics that tie back to your company’s branding, you can use the graphics to reinforce your brand and increase brand awareness.

Smart Content Loading

angstadt-dental-lancaster-screenshotAngstadt Dental Lancaster Website

With all of the heavy graphic items, a website’s load time can be impacted. How can the long load times be fixed? One way to increase your site’s load time is by using a lazy load. Lazy load only loads a section of the page as the user scrolls and gets close to the section. Utilizing lazy load helps to make the page load faster for the user while saving resources because your site will not be loading unnecessary content. By using smart content loading techniques, your site will load faster and keep visitors engaged with your site.

Chatbots Become Human-Like

dabrian-chat-screenshotDaBrian Marketing Website

Another web trend that continues to grow in popularity is chatbots. Chatbots provide a way for customers to receive helpful information and support. This functionality can give the customer a better experience while keeping business costs down. Using a chatbot on your website is a great way to serve your customers quickly and efficiently.

Micro Animations

plink-screenshot2Plink Website

You might be wondering what micro animations are? Micro animations are small animations. Although these animations are small, they can have a significant impact on your website. Micro animations can add a fun element to your website and can act as a guide for your users. 

Full Height Homepage Hero

say-cheese-screenshotSay Cheese Website

Using a full-height homepage hero section can be a great way to make your website stand out and draw the attention of the user. A full-height homepage hero provides a way for the business to draw attention to a specific business aspect or message without distracting the user with other information on the homepage. Is there a specific message you want your visitors to see first on your website? If you answered yes, then a full-height homepage hero may be the perfect solution to your needs.

What Are My Next Steps?

Although not all of these trends may be the right fit for your business, there are ways to implement the right trends on your website that fit both your business and your target audience. Several of these trends, full-height homepage hero, smart content loading, mixing photography with graphics, dark mode, and thumb friendly mobile navigation, take less time and are cheaper to implement than the other trends. Implementing a chatbot on your website does not require a large amount of time or money. However, the functionality of the chatbot may vary depending on your business needs. When implementing 3D elements, micro animations, and interactive elements in your website, the cost and time rises significantly.

Another factor to consider when implementing 3D elements, animations, and interactive elements is whether your platform can support the extra load that these elements will place on your platform. If your platform cannot support the load, your website will result in slowdowns and frustrated users. Another trend that may take more time and effort to implement is an asymmetrical layout. To implement this into your current website, a complete website redesign may be required, which would cost time and money.

These trends are a great way for your website to stand out and keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time. Deciding which trends are best for your website depends on your business’ needs and your target audience.

Are you convinced about these trends but don’t know where to start? Check out our Web Design Tips & Actions!

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