Instagram offers a variety of features to help businesses grow their brand on the platform. The app makes it simple for companies to advertise; you can even use existing posts and turn them into ads. 90% of Instagram users are under 35 (2020 HubSpot), and 80% follow brands and business pages. If your consumers are 40 years old and younger, Instagram is an excellent resource for your business. If you are interested in growing your business online a strong social media marketing strategy is essential for your business. 


When using Instagram for your business's promotion, it can be easy to become caught up in a numbers game when it comes to your followers. But, the number of followers is less significant than many might think. The quality of your followers needs to be a business's primary focus. Even more important is the question of whether or not your followers are turning into valuable leads. 

What is a Quality Follower?

A quality follower is a user that engages with your content every week. Engagement on Instagram can be likes, comments, saves, shares, or direct messages. People that engage with your content are more likely to take the next step in clicking on a link, filling out a form, or even purchasing your products. 

When beginning a new business page, many are tempted to buy followers to boost standing and credibility. While a high follower count may look impressive at face value, fake followers are not valuable to your business. The purpose of a follower is for that Instagram user to become a lifetime customer. Moreover, counterfeit followers do not purchase products, share content, save posts, or offer feedback. Why waste your time and money on buying followers? Invest your time in attracting quality followers by using the tips below!


4 Ways to Attract the Ideal Follower for your Business on Instagram

Post Intentionally: Each time you create a post, decide what you are trying to accomplish or what you want viewers to obtain. 

  • Awareness: Posts that draw viewers in
  • Consideration: Posts that make viewers consider taking action
  • Conversions: Posts that convince viewers to buy, answer a survey, or join emails

Make Impressions: Your posts must exemplify the direction of your business. It is essential to create posts that interest your followers. Use images that captivate your audience and make them want to know more about your business. 

  • Consider:
    • The most visually attractive parts of your business
    • Colors and theme that matches the overall brand
    • Flow and order of posts 
    • Using photos that look aesthetically pleasing together in a feed


Write Actionable Captions: The two main components of an Instagram post are photos accompanied by a caption. Write captions that cause the viewer to do more than tap the like button. 

  • Ask a Provoking Question - Ask your audience a question that encourages them to comment on your post and share it with others.
  • Refer to the Link in Your Bio - Mention something that relates to the link provided in your profile bio, encouraging the reader to explore your website or new product
  • Write Something Inspiring - Use a powerful quote or open up about a personal experience to get followers to save your post. When viewers save a post, this will give future posts priority on followers' feeds. 

Learn from Every Post: Remember to review the results of posts/ads continuously. Taking time to analyze posts' effects will help determine what to implement (and what not to) in future ads. There is always more to learn about how your customers and potential audience behave. 

  • Adapt and Repeat: Take the results from other posts and keep them in mind when creating content in the future. 
  • Use Instagram Insights: Instagram Insights is a great resource for businesses to use when analyzing results of individual posts


Attracting quality followers with potential to turn into leads takes time. Be consistent in posting and engaging with other users on Instagram. Take some risks and post different content, do not forget to record and analyze the results. 

Instagram can be such a valuable resource for your business. Do not leave leads on the table. Get active on Instagram today to find your next loyal customer!

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