Introduction to Internal Communication

Whether you’re chatting by the office cooler, or discussing the newest client contracts; communication is key to keeping your business afloat. Balancing office antics and effective management can seem unrealistic, but minor changes could lead to immeasurable benefits.

By building a healthy relationship with your superiors and subordinates it will encourage and enhance communication. Working as a team and ensuring no work slips through the cracks will work in everyone’s favor. An effective manager understands the benefits of connecting with your coworkers to grow their business. We should leave our doors and our minds open to stay informed.

Promote an Open Door Policy

Speaking freely while in the office doesn’t always call for a big meeting with Human Resources. Communicating with our coworkers can play a crucial role in keeping work flowing smoothly. Creating a rapport is the easiest way to stir up serious conversations. A simple “How was your weekend?” on a dreaded Monday, could usher in a series of rewarding changes. When your coworker’s weekend didn’t go as planned, playing the role of confidant can boost esteem that generates productivity. Using a Project Management Platform to communicate with your team allows employees holding different roles to participate in all projects. Beginning conversations with light banter can ease the stress when troubleshooting and problem solving. Lending your time can create efficiency in the inner workings of your company.

Collaborate Effectively

While gaining the trust of your coworkers, you can become an essential part of your company. Holding brainstorming discussions to prepare for the next big meeting, can become a necessary step. Speaking up or chiming in can leave you at the top of the minds of your coworkers and bosses! One small idea can snowball into the launch of the next big thing. Collaborating with open communication can be a common practice that keeps your company one step ahead. Google Docs is one of the most user friendly collaboration tools in the market allowing numerous people to view,edit, or comment on any document. The environment in which your company grows is correlated to its success. But what happens after the planning and brainstorming? You’ve got an objective, the next step is to act upon it efficiently.

Use Technology as a Tool and Not a Crutch

Technology has become a cog in the machine of businesses around the globe. Taking notes during meetings can be done digitally to reduce waste and streamline next steps. Note taking on a tablet or even with the latest Smart Pen can become your next favorite habit. Recapping, or sharing notes, makes it easier for everyone to assure they’re on the same page. Using apps such as Google Keep Notes can provide a handy reminder that can also allow your team to communicate with notes. Scheduling meetings digitally with the use of the Checker Plus for Google Calendar Chrome extension provides an easy forward thinking method of making sure you’re on track.

Triumph Together!

Now is this time to guarantee your company isn’t tearing down its own walls. Use your relationships with your coworkers to stimulate connections, join hands for your business, and assure a blossoming environment. So, the next time you’re leaning by the cooler, remember your words translate to effective management communication.
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