If you voted in the Presidential election yesterday and are still in the voting spirit, you’re in luck! We’ve created our own election where the fundamental marketing belief systems are going head-to-head. No debates and no political attack-ads, and at the end, you’ll get to cast your vote! But first, let’s take a look at the candidates.

Digital Marketing Party

As technology continues to thrive and building relationships with customers holds more marketing clout than ever before, it seems as though digital marketing is building a strong presence to lower costs, increase reach & visibility, and drive sales. Compared to its traditional competitor, the Digital Marketing party touts that it’s more forward-thinking and more in tune with modern audiences.

The Digital Marketing Party’s high-level platform items break down like this:

  • Cost-Effective & Cutting-Edge

  • Removes Geographic Barriers (potential for international markets)

  • Focused on Forming Relationships with Target Audiences

  • Affords Adaptability and Flexibility

Traditional Marketing Party

On the more conventional side of things, some businesses are perfectly satisfied with their current initiatives (phone calls, billboards, TV and radio ads, etc.), and adhere to the “ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. The traditional party argues that digital marketing is still new and constantly changing. This party believes that it will take time to see what, if anything from the digital marketers will be able to truly stand the test of time.

The Traditional Marketing Party’s high-level platform items are as follows:

  • Time-Tested, Reliable, and Consistent

  • Some Audiences are Better Reached through Traditional Means

  • Traditional Campaigns can Form Relationships as well

  • Takes the Business to the People (more direct)

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