In my previous blog, Project Management: Frequently Avoided Questions Part 1, I discussed the challenges one may face when attempting to ask their clients the right questions so that every project may run smoothly. Part 2 will focus on the right questions to ask either your employees or your co-workers so that your team is successful.

Project Management

1. What are your goals?

Whether you’ve just begun getting to know your newest employee or coworker or they’ve been by your side for years, gaining a clear understanding of where they want to be in life could benefit your relationship and your team’s success. Finding out someone’s motivator and driving force can lead to understanding how to work with, and towards, your company’s goals. If Peter Parker needs to motivate Bruce Wayne, it would behoove him to understand that Alfred is his only ally.

2. What challenges are you currently facing?

Take the opportunity to ask and listen to the challenges that your employee faces when completing their work. Time will always be a constraint, and organization is a quite common downfall as well, but what resources could you provide to truly help this employee succeed? Additional training may initially seem to undermine your coworker’s skills and knowledge but what has changed since they were originally trained to do their job? Have processes and regulations become an ever changing source of frustration? LinkedIn’s recent purchase of makes it even easier to provide knowledgeable training during any stage of learning at any time. At times, simply lending a listening ear could alleviate frustration as well.

3. How can we do better?

The most important question to ask yourself, and your employee, is “How can we do better?”. No matter how smoothly your relationship has transitioned from stranger to employee or co-worker, it’s best to self-reflect. Spending 40 hours a week with someone is challenging and can leave your relationship in murky waters. Creating the habit of optimizing your relationships with others to a healthy and happy work environment can lead to your company’s success.

Frequently Avoided Questions Asked

Don’t waste your time wondering how to become a business owner, project manager, or co-worker – take a chance and ask the right questions!

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