DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC (DMG) is proud to announce its completion and certification of the Cloud U program provided by Rackspace Hosting.

Cloud U is a virtual curriculum designed for business owners and other technical professionals to gain and demonstrate their knowledge of Cloud Computing. This certification affords DaBrian Marketing Group the opportunity to become more informed on this particular subject matter and provide better service to clients., Rackspace’s Cloud U Certification also  provides DMG with the ability to have more scalable service when necessary..  Because every client presents unique problems, DMG must always adapt and stay up-to-date to provide the most innovative solutions.

The Cloud U Certification ensures that DaBrian Marketing Group can continue to create value for clients and produce solutions that are integrated, compliant, and based upon a foundation of solid technical knowledge.

To learn more about Rackspace and the Cloud U program, visit www.rackspace.com.

About DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC

Since 2008, DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC has been a digital agency focused on providing marketing solutions to businesses that want to obtain digital awareness, cultivate meaningful customer relationships, and develop innovative strategies. DMG’s services include email marketing, search engine optimization, website design, web analytics, social media marketing and more. Company headquarters are centrally located at 500 Penn Street, Suite 201, Reading, Pennsylvania 19602. For more information about DMG, visit www.dabrianmarketing.com or call 610-743-5602.

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