Some Background

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Google’s new enhanced campaigns. These will “simplify” your PPC accounts by allowing you to combine similar Campaigns in to one Campaign without losing any unique settings from the various Campaigns.

Enhanced Campaign Features

From the Campaign view, your account will look simpler (less Campaigns), but at the Ad Group level or deeper (i.e. site links & ad extensions) things could get messy and more complicated. Being able to target different devices and locations at different times and bids is very useful. Having all these settings at the same level can even make them more powerful, but probably not simpler.

The Burning Question

So the question remains–are these enhanced campaigns truly helpful? Will having these various optional settings at one location aid the effectiveness of PPC advertising, or in other words increase Clicks and/or CTRs? Or at least will being able to move easily using these setting in conjunction with one another enable better testing and ultimately improved optimization of PPC Campaigns? Although it may take some time before we discover the answers to these questions, one thing is certain, which is that data collection is invaluable to us as marketers. Google AdWords must make sure that we have a method of easily slicing the data into categories (i.e. mobile devices, specific promotions, geographic locations, etc.) in order for these enhanced campaigns to be helpful and in the long run make our lives simpler.

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