Google AdWords Audit/Grader – Example Google AdWords Audit (This will accompany a YouTube Video)

The first three pages of the audit is like an executive summary including a general performance grade (ie, excellent, average, poor, etc.), a few facts pertaining to the activity of your account over the last 30 days, a report card, and finally an overall grade out of 100. While this quick 3 page summary is a great overview, the more granular sections of the audit really help uncover what can be done to improve your account performance.

Quality Score Optimization

Having a good Quality Score is important to keeping your Cost per Click (CPC) low while keeping your Ads showing in the prime Ad Positions (1 – 4.) This account has a low Quality Score, which we will see is negatively impacting other areas of the account performance.

Click Through Rate (CTR) Optimization

While CTR is above 1.00%, it could be higher. The Ad Position is mostly between 5 – 10, which is bottom of page 1 or even worse Page 2. Focusing on improving Quality Score will help increase Ad Position and boost CTR.

Account Activity

This given account has had a lot of changes happening over the 30 day time frame. This is great to see that the problem areas are being addressed, specifically the over 200 changes to keywords, and almost 500 changes to Ads.

Text Ad Optimization

Testing Text Ads is a must for account managers who are trying to maximize Clicks and ultimately Conversions. While this account has over 100 text ads with more than 10 per ad group, your account may only need to have 2-3 per ad group so that each ad gets enough impressions (views) to determine which ad copy relates better to your target audience. (Sometimes less really is better!)

Long-Tail Keyword Optimization

Short 1 Word keywords will get a lot of impressions, but utilizing multiple word keyword phrase will help you better reach your target audience. Again, less (in this case Impressions) is not a bad thing and can lead to more/better Clicks.

Impression Share (IS) Optimization

How often are your Ads getting Impressions compared to how often they could be shown. This account is losing a large chunk of Impression Share due to low Ad Rank (or position). This is another area that would benefit from improving Quality Score.

Landing Page Optimization

Clicks are nice to get, but where does that Click take the user? A good landing page will encourage the user to take action – Lead Generation, Sales, etc. Make sure you are testing multiple Landing Pages to see which is going to help you achieve your goals.

Mobile Advertising

People are coming to your site on mobile devices. Are your Ads helping to drive that traffic, and is your site (Landing Pages) mobile friendly? There is no good/bad percentage to have here, but it is important to know how users are getting to your site and interacting with your ads.
PPC Best Practices

While there are more than 8 best practices that Certified Google Partners are required to adhere to, this audit performs a quick check to confirm your account adheres to the following 8 PPC Best Practices:

  • Network Targeting
  • Geo Targeting
  • Language Targeting
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Multiple Text Ads Running
  • Modified Broad Match Type
  • Negative Keywords
  • Use of Google AdWords Ad Extension

If you would like to see an audit of Your Google AdWords account or speak to a Certified Google Partner pertaining to your PPC, you can contact DaBrian Marketing Group via phone (610) 743- 5602 or email at

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