PPC ad copy character limits have been one of the most challenging components of Pay per Click. Google AdWords has announced/released Expanded Text Ads (ETA). While this new update to the Ad format gives advertisers more characters to use, does it make this challenge any easier?

The new Ads increase the character limit on the Headline, add an additional new Headline, and combine the two  description lines into a longer single block of text. Here are the specific details:

  Old (Traditional) Ad Format New Expanded Text Ads (ETA)
Headline 1

25 Characters

30 Characters

Headline 2


30 Characters

Description Line(s)

35 + 35 Characters

80 Characters

Display URL

35 Characters

Your URL + 15 + 15 Characters


130 Characters

170 + Your URL

Expanded Text Ads - Google AdWords

When Are Pay Per Click ETAs Coming?

While ETAs are available now, October 26th January 31, 2017 (Google just gave you more time) is when Expanded Text Ads will be the default text ad format shown when you conduct a search on Google or create a new Ad Copy in AdWords.

Why Is Google Making an Ad Copy Change?

This change furthers Google’s attempt to align a user’s experience on all devices (desktop, tablet, and mobile). In addition to a consistent user experience, Google is reporting that the testing of Expanded Text Ads has boosted Click-through rates (CTR) as much as 10-20%. These additional clicks bring more visitors to your site and offer more opportunities for new leads, online sales, and revenue.

What Is NOT Changing - Ad Extensions & Customizers

All Ad Extension (Location, Call, Sitelinks, Callouts, Review, and more) will continue to work with Expanded Text Ads. However, if your Ad Copy and Ad Extensions are duplicates of each other, then they will be less likely to be shown.

Along with Ad Extensions, Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) and Ad Customizers will continue to work within Expanded Text Ads. With the increase in character limits, not only will these features work, but they are easier to fit into your Ads.

My Thoughts on Pay Per Click Expanded Text Ads

I am very excited for this change! More characters mean we can communicate more features, benefits, and unique selling propositions. As I am writing new Ads in the Expanded Text Ad format, I am working on utilizing DKI and Ad Customizers. I look forward to improved Quality Score, higher CTRs, and lower Cost per Click. More importantly for our clients, these new ads should result in more Conversions (Leads and Sales) at a lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA), and higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). Larger character limits may not make Ad Copywriting easier, but it will be interesting to see how advertisers use them. How are you planning on utilizing the additional characters in your PPC Ads?

Leave your questions or comments about Expanded Text Ads or PPC Management below or contact DaBrian Marketing Group.

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