Your Outdated Device Will Affect Internet Browsing

There are a lot of factors that will affect internet browsing and assist in allowing a website to show correctly. Two factors that people tend to overlook are outdated devices and software updates. These two factors don’t stop your device from working, however, they can affect your browsing experience in negative ways. What might seem like a small, or not needed update might be a critical factor affecting your browsing experience whether it be on your Android Smartphone, iPhone or your computer.

During testing one of our client’s website, there were issues with how the site rendered on their iPhone. They were having issues with how some elements on the page were appearing. As most of our clients would do, they turned to us for answers. After hours of thorough mission critical updates that were directly related to their poor browsing experience, we advised them to update their device’s software and that resolved the issues for most. Others weren’t so fortunate however, they had to upgrade or purchase a new device because of outdated hardware.

Image from the following blog: Browser usage between March 2014 – March 2015

According to Circle Studio, Internet Explorer is the 3rd, 4th, and 5th most popular browser being used today. The problem with this is that 2 of the 3 Internet Explorer browsers (versions 8 & 9) are no longer supported because of their inability to render HTML5 code which is the new standard for creating websites. Now do you see the problem with using outdated browsers?

outdated browser
Fig 1. A website in Internet Explorer 8. Not what you thought. Everything else is updated. To view the correct display of this website, see figure 2 below.

Why it matters to you?

Have you ever browsed the internet and stumbled onto a site that had jumbled text or graphics? Did it look anything like Figure 1? If not, congratulations your device’s hardware and software are most likely up to date. If you did see something like Figure 1, then the hardware or software of your device might be outdated and needs to be updated. This can be an issue not only for your company when you are trying to market your website but it can also be an issue if people are trying to get to your site. If these potential customers do need to update their device’s hardware or software, they might find your website hard to use if they are on an outdated browser. Another reason this is an issue is because most people surfing the web are using outdated browsers; about 14.5% of those are using a previous version of their current browser, and 8.5% are using, even more, outdated versions. So let’s resolve this issue.

updated browser
Fig 2. Same site as Figure 1. On IE11, the latest software and updated hardware.

How to resolve the issue

One way (highly recommended) is to take your device to a professional like your IT tech or a local computer shop and they will update the software on your device. If your device is utilizing Microsoft XP or Vista operating systems then it is time to get a new device as they are no longer supported. Below are some general guidelines to assure your internet poor browsing experience is rectified:
  1. Schedule regular operating system and software updates.
  2. Make sure you’re using the latest browser versions
  3. When a new Windows Operating System is released, your hardware is out of date. Time to get a new computer.
Do you have any questions regarding updating your computer? Leave a comment below or Contact Us today!

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