Do you have a business that sells a service or product to other companies? If so, you probably promote your business in some capacity online. 

There are so many ways to market your B2B company digitally. Social media, search engine optimization, digital content creation, and paid advertisements begin to scratch the surface of digital marketing. If all the possibilities interest and intimidate you, it might be time to consider hiring a B2B marketing agency.

B2B marketing agencies develop strategies, implement marketing actions and measure the success of campaigns. Many B2B companies prefer agencies because it is less costly than adding additional marketing personnel. 

Key B2B marketing agency actions are:

Market Research

Market research consists of analyzing your business, industry, and competitor. It is essential to the development of a marketing strategy. Once an external agency understands your business in the market, they can know how to create an effective plan and campaign to promote your business to other companies. A good reason to hire a B2B marketing agency is that they often have access to the most effective tools to research your industry and competitors. 

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is based on the marketing research conducted by a B2B marketing agency. It also should take company pain points, goals, and objectives into account. A strategy should unite all marketing and advertising channels while aligning with the company's brand image and purpose. 

Web Design

Many B2B marketing agencies offer web design services. Web design is essential because your company webpage is the first thing a potential client/customer sees. An agency can help develop your site in a professional way that will attract ideal visitors that will hopefully turn into valuable leads.

Are you in need of web design services for your B2B business? Get in touch to start on your web design project. 

Creative Content

An essential step to creating a campaign is the content. B2B marketing agencies specialize in many different forms of content that frame your business in the best way for potential customers. 

Types of Content:

  • Inbound content
  • Blogs
  • Email
  • Advertising copy
  • Social media copy
  • Graphic
  • Webpage content 


A marketing campaign is formed once market research, strategy, and content creation are completed. A marketing campaign could happen on one channel or across several, with the same or varied messaging targeted to a specific audience. 

Measurement and Analysis 

An essential role of any good B2B marketing agency is to measure and analyze the performance of campaigns and marketing objectives. Like marketing research tools, B2B marketing agencies have the best tools to measure and track performance and engagement with campaigns. Data from marketing campaigns should inform marketing strategy decisions moving forward. 

A B2B marketing agency specializes in promoting B2B companies and generating quality leads. But before you hire a B2B marketing agency, see below for questions to think about during your agency search. 

Important Questions

  • What's their brand purpose?
  • Do they have the expertise to solve your particular challenge? 
  • What have they done for other relevant B2B companies? 
  • Do they have client testimonials on their website? What do their online reviews look like?
  • How do they measure the success of marketing campaigns?
  • How will they inform their clients of marketing campaign performance and strategy adjustments?

It is crucial to find a marketing agency with experience with clients like your business. Make sure to review website testimonials, online reviews, and social media to get a feel of the type of marketing work and customers a B2B marketing agency has. Depending on the specific marketing services your business needs will determine who in the marketing agency you will work with. Ask about measurable results of past clients while meeting with representatives of a prospective B2B marketing agency. 

Do you need help promoting your B2B company online? Contact DaBrian Marketing for B2B digital marketing help!

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