Today, email marketing is a widely used marketing tactic by many businesses. The growth of email marketing is likely due to its simplicity, profitability potential, and quick returns. Many businesses have invested in email marketing with hopes of increasing their subscribers list and gaining more qualified leads. However, the only way to run an effective campaign is to adhere to email marketing best practices. Below are the top 5 things you should be doing with email marketing to increase leads.

1. Use Brand Consistent Templates

When it comes to email marketing, brand consistency play a huge role in the success or failure of a campaign. It is absolutely vital to make sure that your logo, colors, typefaces and message are all consistent. This is an opportunity to reinforce who you are from a branding standpoint and create a connection with your customers. As human beings we are hardwired to recognize patterns, shapes, colors, etc. Therefore, when there are branding inconsistencies you could be missing out on a potential customer. Strive for consistency with your email marketing campaigns by adhering to your branding standards.

2. Customize Your Lists

Email marketing campaigns can become quite a hassle if your lists are not customized. Organizing and segmenting your customers will not only make your campaign more efficient, but it will also increase the likelihood that your campaigns will receive a greater response. You can segment your email lists by date, behavior, industry, etc. There is no wrong or right way to segment your lists. Take whichever method works best for your business and run with it! Customizing your lists will help get your message out to the right group of customers.

3. Subject Line Split Testing

The subject line is arguably the most important part of an email communication. It is the attention grabber that prompts the subscriber to either open the email or delete it. Most people who look through their emails will skim the subject line rather than open every email in their inbox. So, developing a catchy subject line can make all the difference between gaining and losing a potential customer. There are many different ways to change and test your subject line. You can test by length, specificity, or even by asking a question. Get creative with your subject lines to maximize open rates and identify qualified leads.

The implementation of these email marketing best practices will help boost leads.

4. Use Auto-Responders

Auto responders are used to follow-up and reach out to readers automatically. They can also be used to respond to an email that is sent to it. Using auto responders are a great way to make the email marketing process more efficient. An example of a simple auto responder would be when you set up an automatic email response that lets your clients know you will be out of the office. Auto responders allow you to create pre-written emails that you want sent out to your customers when they purchase a product, there is news about an upcoming product release, etc. Use auto responders to easily and efficiently get information to your customers.

5. Send Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are a great way to find out what your customers think of their experience with your business. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, this information can be extremely valuable to your company moving forward. Getting to know your audience will also help you to better customize your lists and serve your customers. Don’t be afraid of negative responses….all feedback is valuable feedback!

When used correctly, email marketing can be a valuable tool for boosting leads and generating new business. Consistency and efficiency are key when it comes to running a successful email marketing campaign. Although the list of best practices for email marketing could go on and on, utilizing the five ways described above will put your business well on its way to boosting leads and generating new business.

What are some things that your business is doing to boost leads with email marketing?  Share them with us in the comments below!

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