Since launching our Inbound Success Plan service last year, we get a few questions when talking with potential customers. We put together a short video to give you insight into an inbound success plan, why customers sign up, how it’s different for each client, and how the process works. Here is some more context to what we do and how it can accelerate your business’s growth. 


What is an Inbound Success Plan? 

An Inbound Success Plan is a digital strategy plus a set of tactics to align marketing activities with business goals. We found that the number of industries has changed over the past two years, and many businesses haven't had their marketing keep up with those changes. So what the Inbound Success Plan sets out is, through research and a collaborative effort between the client and DaBrian Marketing Group, we align the appropriate activities to make sure clients are reaching their prospects and using the proper messaging.

“On average, inbound leads cost 61% less than leads from outbound marketing methods like billboards, direct mail, or radio advertisements.” - HubSpot 

Why Do Customers Sign Up for an Inbound Success Plan? 

So why do customers sign up for an Inbound Success Plan? Well, they need someone to help them navigate through these challenging times. We've had everything from COVID staffing shortages to people not finding jobs or the right folks for those jobs. And they needed help navigating through these times. So we were able to help them by putting together an Inbound Marketing Strategy, a content strategy, looking at their competitive landscapes, and providing opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

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How is the Inbound Success Plan Different For Each Client? 

Every inbound success project is unique because each of our customers is unique. We see different strengths and weaknesses in the marketing approaches of each client. And that usually fits into one of two buckets. One is how much do the sales and marketing teams collaborate? And two is how effective customers are at translating traditional marketing into digital spaces. What we do is we identify the gaps, and we help bridge those gaps.

“With 78.6% of people in the United States on the Internet, it’s likely your buyer persona lives online. All of the content you create and publish should be targeted for your buyer personas, optimized for search and compelling enough to attract readers.” - HubSpot 

What is the Inbound Success Plan Process Between DaBrian Marketing and Our Clients? 

The Inbound Success Plan process between clients and DaBrian Marketing Group is one, collaborative, and two, iterative. What we rely on is clients knowing their business and their industry. What we then do is marry that with our digital marketing expertise. We find the best results when clients are engaged when they meet with us, both their sales and their marketing teams, and they help us understand the gaps in their current market.


The goal of the Inbound Success Plan is to accelerate business growth for companies that have sales and marketing challenges but limited talent, marketing tools, time, skills, or internal resources.  It’s an ideal project if your brand, offerings, customers, or competitive landscape have changed and your strategy needs to change with them. 

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