Your company has too much work and not enough capacity.  You do not have enough staff to take advantage of current business opportunities.  You are operating with too many manual processes.  2022 salaries are expected to trail inflation while candidates and current staff expect more from their employer as competition for the best hires continues to rise.  You’re dealing with a 4.9% increase in building materials costs since the start of 2022 and can’t get microchips! Or, you did not invest in resources for a remote or hybrid work environment. Does any of this sound familiar?

Join our Webinar: Five Ways B2B Companies Maximize ROI with Automation, hosted by Daniel Laws, MBA, Owner, and CEO of DaBrian Marketing Group, on Thursday, September 29 at 2 PM EST.  This one-hour webinar will be jam-packed with recommendations, tips, and tools your business can use as you address these current challenges:

  • How to Align Strategy for Better Customer Experience?
  • How to Connect Prospects, Leads, and Customer Service for Optimal Efficiencies?
  • How are Successful B2B Companies Delivering Marketing Consistency to Obtain Higher ROI?
  • How are Companies Communicating Effectively to Retain Customers?
  • How Can Your Business Better Measure Your Strategies in Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service?

Daniel Laws, with over 20 years in the field, will provide you with actionable recommendations, tips, examples, and tools to streamline productivity, increase profitability, and improve your return on investment! 5 Ways B2B Companies Maximize ROI with Automation!Register Today for the Free Webinar! 


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