What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the act of monitoring social content, developing and posting content, and managing conversations on social media platforms. This is different from social media advertising, which is paid efforts and targeting on social media. Social media management is customer service, while social media advertising is sales.

Social media can be overwhelming for most people, but there are tools in place to help minimize the stresses that come with social media marketing. Hootsuite is a social media management tool where you can schedule posts, curate content, monitor interactions with your social accounts, and more! This is a crucial tool for every social media manager to have in their arsenal and will help your business prosper in the digital age.

DaBrian Marketing Group is a proud user of Hootsuite which allows us to manage multiple clients, on multiple platforms, all from one dashboard. This blog will introduce three crucial tips that each social media manager must have.

Pro-Tip #1: Proactivity is a MUST!

Proactivity should be any social media manager’s best quality. It is important that you are at least a month ahead on any and all content. This way you can see your entire content schedule with just a glance while also leaving room for critical social monitoring responses throughout the month.

DaBrian Marketing Group utilizes Hootsuite to keep up with a variety of clients across multiple social media sites, which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This helps us stay on top of who takes priority or who has posts scheduled for the day.

If you are proactive, this will allow you to post about any sudden shifts or articles that come out, which leads into the next tip!  

Pro-Tip #2: Stay Relevant! Keep up with competitors and industry thought leaders

Hootsuite allows you to host streams that will update you with new trends and it features the app Nuzzel. This app allows you to track news sources and industry trends from the top influencers. This can help you curate information that will be relevant and can help you stay on the pulse of the industry, which allows for higher engagement.

We use this to make sure that we can pick our client’s brains about what is going on with them and if they want to separate themselves out as thought leaders. This will make your brand seem more attractive and trustworthy.

Pro-Tip #3: View Your Insights!

According to Hootsuite contributor, Christina Newberry, “it gives you bird’s-eye view of the conversation about your brand online.” This is important, since you can quantify your insights, but also see how people engage with your brand through how they receive your brand. Understanding this will allow you to recognize behavior on these digital platforms and adjust accordingly.

You can view your insights, but make sure that you also report on these insights as well! You can check in with all of your analytics and see how well your social media campaign has been doing. This is important to know how to plan for the future and manage your social strategy accordingly.

In the next blog post, we will delve into Social Media Advertising with a focus on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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