If you are not doing social media advertising for your business, then you are doing it all wrong! Social media is full of content, so it is easy for your business to get lost in the feed. This is a problem that you do not want to face. So how do we fix it? Start using social media ads!

Social Media Advertising, or Paid Social is highly recommended to get your content in front of users. For starters, according to Hubspot, organic reach is down across most of the major networks. It is crucial to use social ads to stand out. Let’s break down why this is is needed.

First things first, what is the difference between organic social and paid social? Organic social is using the free tools from social networks to build a community, share posts and responding to customer comments. Paid social is paying to display advertisements or sponsored messages to social networks users based on user profiles.

Both are important to have, but organic is reaching limited amount of people. Organic is still important. You should use it to interact with your community and keep a presence online. However, it does mean that social media has turned into a pay-to-play space.

Here is a short list of reasons on why you should embrace social media advertising:

  1. You will stand out from competitors. Advertising will increase your reach and will create brand awareness. If your brand or business appears more, it’ll become more recognizable and set you apart from everyone else. 
  2. You can enhance your targeting. You will be able to refine who you want to see your ads! This can be based off of interests, demographics, locations, etc. This will help you become more intentional and reach who you want to buy into your brand.
  3. You can understand audience interactions. You can see which ad type was interacted with more. Does video work better? Who does it work for? What do people respond to? These questions can be answered through results and collected data. If you know what people like, then you can make more ads like it.

Know your audience. Each platform has a different audience. For example, most Latinx people will be on YouTube, women are dominating Pinterest, and African Americans are on Twitter. You should know how each demographic use these particular platforms to be more effective. Understanding your audience will make you more effective with social ads. 


Each platform also provides different types of advertising, too. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, have different ways and methods to target people. This blog gives you an introduction to how social ads are being used today, but a social marketing professional can help you determine which platform would maximize your ad dollars.

So again, why should you embrace social media advertising? Today, most businesses of all sizes must include paid social media in their strategies. Paying for social media will boost your reach, provide better targeting, and drive better results!

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