DaBrian Marketing Group, LLC announces the new Keystone Metrofiber website, KM Private Wireless, a next-generation, cloud-based, private 5G and LTE platform. This solution is designed to simplify private wireless, delivering everything needed to easily design, install, and manage your own private wireless network.

Keystone Metrofiber needed a new website to promote its Private Wireless Network, opening doors to new digital business initiatives on enterprise wireless.​  The new site is designed to support the sales and marketing initiatives for Keystone Metrofiber.  It integrates with their HubSpot CRM, sales, and marketing automation tools. 


The challenge with the previous website was that it did not have much information about Keystone Metrofiber offerings. The goal was to build a website that provides potential customers and their target audiences with information about Keystone Metrofiber.

“It has been a pleasure working with Daniel and his team.  From concept to go-live the team was with us the entire journey.  Although the project plan had a defined timeline, we ask the team to expedite the build so we could meet an alternative deadline.  DaBrian Marketing accepted the task to expedite the launch right on time!”, said Paul Larson of Keystone Metrofiber. 

“It was a great opportunity to work with Keystone Metrofiber. We were already providing support for HubSpot Sales professionals.  DaBrian Marketing Group is a HubSpot Solutions Partner and we have prior experience working in the B2B sector. We appreciate the opportunity to work with clients that help to progress local businesses”., said the Principal Owner of DaBrian Marketing Group, Daniel B. Laws, Jr.

About Keystone Metrofiber

Keystone Metrofiber (KM) was created by Ironton Telephone Company to design, construct and operate fiber optic and wireless networks and provide high-speed broadband service outside of its certificated ILEC territory. KM is using its three FCC-licensed CBRS Priority Access Licenses (PAL’s) to provide highly secure private networks for public and private enterprises throughout the Lehigh Valley.

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